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EZR Packing prioritizes and serves unconventional and challenging shipments at convenient locations, times and costs.

Dangerous Goods

What are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous Goods are any articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety or property, or to the environment. Many everyday items are often classified as hazardous when transported by Air or Ocean. Read More


EZR specializes in custom tailored ISPM wooden crates for unconventional cargo that vary in size, value and logistics needs. Operations are conducted on our premises and on site at the customer's facility upon request. Read More


We offer a variety of packing services for general cargo, fine art, sculptures, furniture, pipes and so on.

On-site packing and crating can be done at any location upon request. Our team is trained to be On-The-Go with all proper equipment and material.


As part of our services we provide pick up and delivery services from/to our customers and the airlines.

Thermal Covers

Our Thermal blankets are a cost-effective passive cooling system that have a high credibility of isolation and capability of maintaining 15-25C temperature range in transit and shielding freight from extreme temperature conditions. We offer variation of sizes for skids and ULD pallets.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is used to keep perishable cargo frozen or refrigerated without the use of mechanical cooling. It requires isolated boxes to reduce the transfer of heat through packaging walls and to avoid damages to boxes which are caused by moisture due to changes in temperature.

All our dry ice boxes are designed to withstand handling in different orientations and are made with first grade isolation materials.

PLC License Waste

In 1996 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began licensing certain activities in the waste sector including hazardous waste disposal and other significant waste disposal and recovery activities.

We provide waste services customized to meet our client's requirements.

Using our risk-based approach, every shipment is assessed and treated uniquely. We pride ourselves on our highly-experienced team to deliver to our customers a range of industry best-practice services.

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